Eclipse energetics and mushrooms for total resilience


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We are entering the eclipse season of Cancer (family, home) and Capricorn (society, contribution). The total solar eclipse in Cancer on Jul. 2 at 11:17 am US/Pacific is asking us about what has been overlooked, or neglected, or perhaps in awareness but habitually pushed away, avoided, or set aside. The magnification and intensification (Pluto) of timescales (Saturn) ironically asks us to slow down in order to shape and be shaped by our lives and times. But far from slow, the mind of Mercury and the hasty might of Mars are hot and reactive together for most of July! It won’t always be possible to be present. And Mercury’s retrograde influence that peaks in July will be relentless in its revelations. A redefinition of belonging is possible—but only if we bring enough care, compassion and empathy to bear.

Dear Ones,
We are in the throes of the hard labor of 2019, the powerful force of a cosmic birth process that is pushing us all towards a different and uncertain future. But rather than imagining ourselves as helpless victims of a cruel and indifferent history, we can instead take bold steps towards a new way of belonging—belonging to ourselves and our families, to our communities and our bioregions, to our planet and to the cosmic process itself. Our courage will change outcomes. Remember that we are—you are—both a parent to and a child of 13.5 billion years of cosmic unfurling. 

Let our journey be grounded in this vast creative process, let its long, long arc inspire patience and dedication. The total solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2 at 11:17am US/Pacific is asking us powerful questions about what has been overlooked, or perhaps in awareness but habitually pushed away, avoided, or set aside. One of the most important steps on the spiritual path is when we recognize how we are not being honest with ourselves. Something is missing from our vision. This recognition can happen many times throughout life—an  awakening to some missing piece of the story, sometimes larger and sometimes something smaller, less grand than the massiveness we fixate on. 

Amidst feelings of urgency, the cosmic creative process now is asking for the wisdom of the slow. The magnification and intensification (Pluto) of timescales (Saturn) ironically asks us to slow down internally. To let go of the scheming mind so that we can feel everything, access intuition, and above all: be present. Everything happens in the present moment. Including the past and the future. To be present is to be available for creative response. And all projects, new ventures and impulses undertaken around the Cancer (family)/Capricorn (society) eclipses of 2019 that exclude care for own well-being will eventually slam us against a hard wall. The idea of being a savior is one which is passing away. This care is all-inclusive.
But whether you are subversive to or riding on the mainstream, challenges to and from authority or what is passing away will be in the mix, so says authoritarian Saturn’s fierce opposition to the solar eclipse. Those challenges need a creative response, but there is a strong tendency to re-act—to re-enact the past—out of anger or righteousness or revenge. Far from slow, the mind of Mercury and the hasty might of Mars are conjoined and hot and reactive for most of July. It won’t always be possible to be present. So ground again in the long, long journey of the stars and track what is hurting, assess your emotional and spiritual states. And care for them. Love them. These are sources of wisdom, too. Our “symptoms” are the guardians of what has been neglected, abandoned, kidnapped. 

Among all the levels of belonging, we might reflect on our belonging to Earth by considering the African deity, Oshun (Ochún, Oxúm). Oshun represents love and beauty and fertility, and flows in the sweet waters we drink from. She is deeply related to the planet Venus. One traditional ritual of honoring Oshun and the beauty she gives our Earth mirrors the nature of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses of July: Inviting a single mother and her children into our home, cooking all of their favorite foods in abundance, and feeding them until they simply cannot eat any more. Such a ritual offering of caring for those who are vulnerable in our present world could become some ongoing commitment. Releasing destructive patterns and growing new ones like this. To honor love, reciprocity, sweetness and reverence for beauty—reverence for life, rather than objectification and use. 

Such a reverence calls us to greater integrity. To align our thoughts with our words with our actions. To attend to the weak as much as to the powerful. Mercury’s retrograde influence from mid-June to mid-Aug. and peaking in July will be relentless in its revelations. This is not a time to try to “be good” by the ordinary definition. Because as we seek our true belonging, our unique niche in the web of life, we will have to face our habitual responses and whatever keeps us from being honest with ourselves. This could be a great time! As the writer Geneen Marie Haugen suggests, let us experiment with being in the world as if our being there mattered. This alone can change consciousness. 

Key dates to keep in mind 
for Mercury retrograde:

Jun. 19, 2019 - Mercury enters shadow 23° Cancer 
Jul. 7, 2019 - Mercury stations retrograde 4° Leo 
Jul. 31, 2018 - Mercury stations direct 23° Cancer 
Aug. 14, 2019 - Mercury exits shadow 4° Leo 

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Cosmic writting by
Erica Jones 
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