We're having the biggest sale of the year this weekend! In honor of all the amount of love and support from all of you, we want to give back to our beloved plant community. We want the holidays to be infused with the power of plants! Thank you for your love and support! 

For 30% off on absolutely errrything this Friday, use code "BLACKMAGICFRIDAY",  for more info on our weekend deals please go here. Within our thanksgiving promos we don’t offer free shipping, nor can subscription orders be used with a discount. 

THANKSGIVING SALE has been extended! 

All orders receive 20% off! 
code: THANKFUL20

Orders over $120 receive 25% off!
 Apply code: THANKFUL25

Orders over $300 receive 25% off!  
Apply code: THANKFUL30


And! Most importantly. Read our latest newsletter here on how being grateful can rewire the brain. A fascinating study by Dr.Madhuleena Roy Dhowdhury on the neuroscience behind gratitude, and the scientific discoveries on how having a gratefulness practice can relieve depression, eliminate pain, and balance the limbic system. Share comments and questions below! 

 And x2! If you're in Brooklyn, join us for our Black Magic Friday sale (Nov 29th) in our Greenpoint oasis. We'll be offering 15-30% store wide, along with free dirty rose collagen chai with every purchase. It'll be so fun. Come by and sip some medicine. This means more medicine for you and crossing off that long list of holiday gifts! 

Store address: 31 Noble st. Brooklyn NY 11222

If you haven't heard, our Adaptogenic Honey is here and it's incredible. 

Made from raw Upstate New York honey, infused with adaptogens such as Shizandra berries, Siberian Ginseng, Cinnamon, Rose, and Cardamom. Very medicinal and excellent to use to keep the immune system strong while drizzling on all the cozy things you love. Its an excellent remedy for kids too. Read more about our dear honey here




Thank you to all for your support and business, we're eternally grateful!

xo Anima Mundi Team


My order is over $100 and it’s charging shipping fee

Tamatha Conaway November 29, 2019

Why don’t I get the free shipping when my order is over $99? Your website states free shipping for orders over $99.

Michelle Moline November 29, 2019

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