How she operates, shape shifts and heals.


Let’s take a moment to marvel at the amazing, incredible vagina. Just think about its incredible regenerative power, paired with the countless abilities it has. I mean, not to mention it's a portal where life is born out of. It also contains has an unbelievable self-rapair capacity, unlike most organs in our body.  Here are just some of its fascinating qualities:



You should not need to put anything in the vagina to clean the actual inside. That means no douching, no scrubbing inside, and definitely no scented products inserted into your vagina. Vaginas are actually self-cleaning! Forget all the sprays, perfumes, and other products designed to cleanse the vulva. Our  consumerist culture is obsessed with the gazillion products out there for the vaginal area, but you really don’t need anything other than quality soap and water.



Some odor down there is perfectly normal. Your personal scent is unique and may vary according to your menstrual cycle, your diet, even how hydrated you are. That said, any foul odor or a smell that’s unusual for you is worth a visit to your ob/gyn to check for infection.If you’re having an odor you think can be noticed across the room, think long and hard your stress levels, what you have been eating and if you're using any products that might be causing you problems. 



Stick with breathable underwear and clothing that actually provides air flow. A moist, warm environment that lacks air flow can breed yeast and bacteria. Cotton panties, or at least ones with a cotton crotch. If you're someone that loves to wear panty liners, only use them when you are in dire need of it. Or transition into something more organic that can be breathable like a cloth. Same for synethetic underwear, its crucial you make the investment and transition into a breathable fabric. When you're sleeping be sure to not use anything and allow your dear yoni to breathe, to give you plenty of airflow.




At the top of your vagina is your cervix, the lower end of your uterus. Secretions produced by the cervix (called cervical mucus) change in consistency throughout your cycle as your hormone levels rise and fall. If you pay close attention to your cervical mucus, you can avoid or engage in sex at the right time to conceive. You can also check by looking at the toilet paper after you wipe, or by inserting a clean finger into your vagina. You’re looking for what’s known as egg white cervical mucus. Along with taking your body temperature each day, checking your cervical mucus is one of the methods used in natural family planning.



Just as every woman is different, so is every vagina. The average size of a vagina is approximately three inches in width and three and a half inches in depth. A vagina can be expanded up to two hundred percent of its original shape which is necessary for the delivery of a baby. Though it is not exactly the way it was before pregnancy, the vagina returns to its initial shape after a baby is born. Several factors are known to prevent the vagina’s natural ability to retain its original shape such as weight, age, and even smoking. All of which can result in a not so pleasant or saggy vagina.


There are a lot of things that can cause an itch that aren’t a yeast infection. It could be due to chafing from your clothing, irritation from shaving, or a product (like laundry detergent or soap) that the sensitive skin on your vulva is reacting to. And discharge and discomfort can be caused by other types of vaginal infections, including bacterial vaginosis (which typically comes with a foul-smelling discharge plus irritation and burning) and sexually transmitted infections like trichomoniasis. Check in with your doctor before you use an over-the-counter medication—the wrong treatment can actually make things worse. Other excellent natural treatments to excess candidal growth that might be causing the itch is Pau D’Arco.  See recipe below for making a vaginal mask for maintenancee and itch prevention.



Sure, getting busy burns calories, reduces stress, and boosts immunity, not to mention brings you closer to your partner. But here’s another health benefit of sex: Sex keeps the vagina alive and lubricated, especially as women get older and estrogen goes down. Sex also assists hormonal release, elevating not only our mood, but assisting in healthy organ functioning. Sexual activity keeps blood flowing down there and decreases some of the changes that you get with menopause.



You can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which support the pelvic organs (including your bladder and uterus) and wrap around the vagina and rectum. Doing Kegel exercises to work your pelvic floor can increase blood flow to the vaginal area and help you have more powerful orgasms, as well as improve bladder control—crucial if you suffer from stress incontinence). If you’ve suffered damage to your pelvic floor due to pregnancy and/or childbirth, and Kegels alone aren’t cutting it, your OBGYN may recommend pelvic floor physical therapy, which can include electrostimulation or biofeedback. In some cases surgery may be needed.


. . . 
an easy VAG MASK
. . . 


This is basically a facial for your yoni. An ultra simple and effective vag mask that can be applied to the exterior of the vagina. It's an anti-inflammatory paste that can be enliven the lips by increasing circulation, and helping them be silky smooth. This can also be made to apply on any inflamed area, to prevent itchiness, or as simple as a yoni ritual.

1Tbsp Pau D’Arco (anti-candidal bark)
3Tbsp White Clay
1/4 cup of Warm Water
1/2tsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, softened or melted

*Bentonite is great for more of a detoxifying approach, or for those that tend towards oily-er skin. You can change to White Clay or Pink clay if have a drier - sensitive skin. 


Combine the Pau D’Arco and clay, and slowly pour in the hot water as you're mixing. Only add enough water until you’ve achieved the perfect creamy consistency. Add the  melted coconut oil and keep mixing until its an exquisitely creamy consistency. Apply onto the area and allow it sit for 5-10minutes (or longer). Remove with a warm damp cloth or jump in a shower to remove the mask. Enjoy!


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