Cleanse - Shedding the Wintery Fat

Love Handles, Fat Belly, Beer Belly… whatever you want to call it, it's a struggle for us all; unless of course you love your saggy belly. The reason fat has gotten so neglected by today's culture is because it is actually bad to accumulate stagnation in your organs. The more fat cells that build up, the more you generate the landscape for illness. Fat cells are the perfect little paradise for headaches, cancer, immune disorders, liver failure, etc. As your waistline expands individual fat cells inflate which can lead to lower HDL "good" cholesterol and higher levels of triglycerides- a type of fatty acid in the blood linked to heart disease. 

So it is not that we just need to fit the perfect marketed image of being skinny and beautiful. The real focus is to stay fit, prevent accumulation, and to be able to metabolize fat without it accumulating in our liver and blood. 

Men tend to gain their weight in their bellies throughout life, but for women, it's not until middle age that their midsections become the hot spot for weight gain. As womens' estrogen levels decline with age their testosterone levels increase, causing them to shift to the male pattern of abdominal weight gain. 

Regardless of gender, you naturally accumulate more fat as you age often due to loss of muscle mass and a more sluggish metabolism. But that doesn't mean you should sit idly by and let the fat infiltrate your midsection. Use the following herbal strategies to support the banishing of your belly fat.


1. Start your AM right with a Kidney flush:  Warm Water, 1/2 lemon, a pinch of Himalayan Salt (Add a couple fresh mint leaves to your cup if you feel inspired).

2. Drink as many liver tonics as possible. Some of my favorites are: Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root and Leaf, Moringa, Chanca Piedra and Turmeric. These herbs added to your juices, smoothies, or tea throughout your day will naturally boost your enzymatic functioning and create a faster metabolism. 

3. Add herbs to a all your plant based meals. Adding herbs and spices to everything not only makes it more delicious, but, it helps you metabolize faster and prevent gut stagnation, and it has been studied that it prevents minor food allergies. 

4. Adding fat burners  - Some very popular herbs such as Garcenia cambodia, Cha de bugre, and Green coffee bean have been used in Asia and Brazil to kill fat cells. They basically induce potent detoxification in the entire body as well as boost cardiovascular function. Don't overdue it with these. Remember, these are POWERFUL sources of detoxification. Overdoing it can provoke an overstimulated heart and liver. Patiently impliment them into an alkaline and plant-based diet and enjoy the incredible results.

5. And of course, daily Yoga. Stretching every day prevents build-up, on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional. Doing twists and forward bends are simple ways to move fat out of the main center channels and boost digestion. These movements assist the body in moving energy into areas that may be dormant and pull out the toxicity. 


Fat Burning Elixir

8oz Pineapple Juice*

4oz Grapefruit Juice*

2oz Fennel Juice*

1/2oz Lemon Juice*

1-2 oz Ginger Juice * 

1tsp Turmeric powder

1tsp Mangosteen fruit + peel

30drops Fat Belly Tonic (a high potency extract of gardenia, green coffee, cha de bugre, ginger, turmeric, and mangosteen)

*Fresh juice or add to a high speed blender until smooth. If you are blending, filter it out just in case you still find fibers in your juice.


Hello I recently discovered your website, I have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome can you recommend something from your shop that may help me? Thank you

gisselle October 08, 2018

Hello :) I have severe scalp psoriasis so I am taking your Pau d’arco powder daily 1 tsp in water , mixing it and drinking it.

For how long can I take the pau d’arco continuously and will it help in reducing scalp psoriasis ?

Which of ur other products can I take to heal scalp psoriasis ?

Plz plz do reply , it’s a humble request

Kajal May 10, 2018

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