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Deeply Moisturizing Rose Body Butter

Deeply Moisturizing Rose Body Butter

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If there’s one word that truly sums up my experience in the past five weeks, it’s “renewed self-awareness.” (Well, two words, actually.)

I suppose that’s got something to do with the near-elimination of external stimuli from my day-to-day. Aside from daily mask-clad dog walks and weekly pilgrimages to buy groceries, life has been put on pause, save for IG and Zoom chats. Fewer “distractions,” it seems, is magnifying... well, me.

There are days in which I feel incredible hope and energy; in others, restlessness and confusion. In those times, my heart feels quite heavy. This push-and-pull effect may not be unlike what I normally endure, but I am certainly more aware of it, and how I’m feeling.

So, as a proponent of all things natural, I began searching for ways to balance out the pitter-patter of my being. And one thing kept whispering a sweet hello from within my laptop screen: rose.

Traditional Chinese Medicine heralds this most gorgeous creature as a “cardio tonic” -- one which, when used topically, may have the capacity to open one’s lymphatic system and “awaken” the body, especially the heart.

Recently, Adriana Ayales (founder of Brooklyn’s Anima Mundi apothecary) shared with us her much beloved rose body butter recipe. In it, rose powder is mixed with vitamin C-rich hibiscus flowers and rose petals and then suspended in an ultra-moisturizing jojoba and shea butter blend. Interested in making it yourself? Here’s how:


Rose Body Butter Recipe


3 oz jojoba oil

1 heaping tsp rose powder*

1 tsp hibiscus flowers* 

1 tsp rose petals

1 heaping tbsp coconut oil

1 ½ cup shea butter, raw and unfiltered

Rose essential oil (or EO of choice)

4 small sanitized jars, or 1 large jar

Double boiler


10-15 drops of Rose Essential Oil

*Or EO of choice! This is totally optional. A lot of people rather avoid EO’s and keep it simple, but it’s totally up to you

*You can also switch this out for our Mangosteen Hibiscus for an added vitamin C, or any high vitamin c flower/berry powder of choice!) 



1. In a double boiler, add jojoba oil along with rose powder, rose petals and hibiscus flowers. Allow to cook on low heat (move between 70-90°F, basically low heat) for about 3 hours. This temperature is ideal for preserving the plants’ and oils’ essences. NOTE: Be sure to add water to your double boiler during this process.

*We’re incorporating rose powder to give the body butter a deep pink color. You can opt for more rose petals, using the same ratio, which will provide the same benefits.

2. Squeeze out the infused jojoba oil through cheesecloth and place in a mason jar, or clean glass vessel.

3. Add shea butter and coconut oil to double boiler and allow to melt on low heat (70°F) for about 1 hour.

4. Mix well and, while still warm, add this and infused jojoba oil to food processor. Whip for about 30 seconds. Add your choice of essential oils while the butter is being whipped. Rose is relaxing and heart-opening, and also great for skin.

5. Once ready, pour into your clean and sanitized glass vessels of choice. Place the jars in the fridge to speed up the process, or allow them to cool down and settle at a regular temp.

6. Apply liberally and enjoy!


beautiful photography by @persicophoto